quite simply, we love food.

We believe that the very nature of dessert being unnecessary to survival is exactly why it should be as pleasurable as humanly possible. So at Ciao Bella, every flavor of our fabulously rich gelato has been created to satisfy a craving for something decadent and creamy. Our velvety smooth sorbetto is crafted to bring the simple punch of intense flavor found in the very best fruits from around the globe. We hope that your experience with our gelato and sorbetto showcases these values and that you too feel the love and passion we all have for the food we make.

ingredients from around the world

Ciao Bella’s gelato and sorbetto feature only the finest quality ingredients meticulously sourced from around the globe. This includes using Fair Trade certified and organic dark chocolate from regions in South America, premium pistachios from Sicily, the ripest Alphonso mangos from India, and the juiciest Marion blackberries and Meeker raspberries from the Pacific Northwest. Why do we care so much about where we get our amazing ingredients from? Because gelato and sorbetto are meant to be simple desserts. Therefore, our focus on quality ensures that each sorbetto delights with the true flavor of its signature fruit and that each uniquely rich gelato gives decadence a whole new meaning.

flavors created by chef danilo zecchin

What sets Ciao Bella apart from others is the vision and mastery of our chef who is constantly innovating and creating new culinary delights. Chef Danilo Zecchin (Ze-keen) is an international chef who draws inspiration from his childhood memories of growing up in Torino, Italy, a region known for its epicurean prowess. He approaches Ciao Bella’s products as individual labors of love- ensuring that every single ingredient and every single product meets the highest quality standards without compromise. We wouldn’t have it any other way.

Sunvary Abito da sposa Donna Bianco


Sunvary - Abito da sposa - Donna Bianco

Sunvary - Abito da sposa - Donna Bianco
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Sunvary - Abito da sposa - Donna Bianco Sunvary - Abito da sposa - Donna Bianco Sunvary - Abito da sposa - Donna Bianco Sunvary - Abito da sposa - Donna Bianco Sunvary - Abito da sposa - Donna Bianco